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For over 90 years, Specialty Granules, Inc. (formerly ISP Minerals) has supplied high quality granules to the North American Roofing Industry. Our employees, vendors, and communities in which we operate have been critical to our success. We look forward to working beside you in the future.

GAF and SGI announce SGI will move forward as a wholly owned subsidiary

Dear Valued Customer,

We are writing to share some exciting news with you. Today, GAF and SGI announced that SGI will move forward as the wholly owned subsidiary of GAF’s holding company. This new structure will empower SGI with new resources to grow while preserving what makes the company great: its strong levels of customer service and product quality.

SGI remains committed to excellence in mining and producing roofing granules. Given its separate focus from GAF’s roofing business, it will be managed as an independent platform for growth. But its access to enhanced R&D as well as company-wide best-practices will allow it to leverage GAF’s scale, expertise and experience. In addition, SGI will have significantly enhanced access to capital to invest in its business, develop improved products, and capture any other promising opportunities.

We believe that these changes will add value to your business. We are committed to upholding SGI’s leadership position in the industry and that means continuing to provide you with the right products at the right time. We also recognize the importance of keeping certain elements of your information strictly confidential and we will continue to maintain the appropriate safeguards to protect such information.

GAF and SGI share similar cultures and the teams from both companies are absolutely committed to maintaining business as usual with our valued customers. The same SGI team will be available to you and all of your customer service, shipping and billing processes will remain the same.

We look forward to working with you and to remaining a trusted supplier of your business.


Ken Walton
Specialty Granules

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